Advanced Security on the cheap.

90% of the capabilities of the big boys, for 10% of the cost.

Philosophy and Design

Advanced security solutions are expensive and difficult to use, often requiring highly-skilled information security resources to dedicate towards their operational and interpretation of results. Achieve Security was established under the philosophy of providing 90% of the capability of these solutions at 10% of the cost, without requiring dedicated resources or highly-skilled security personnel. This is our philosophy, as well as our goal. And sometimes, we exceed our goal.

Achieve Security will provide you with phenomenal situational awareness of your environment, and present easy-to-understand reports to provide you with immediately actionable information. We have years of experience with managing complex environments and a history of detecting compromised activity before the major players are ever aware. We bring this knowledge to bear in our product. The intelligence is baked in, and you can reap the results for your environment.

Features and Capabilities

Achieve Security focuses on identifying the changes taking place within your unique environment, and filtering that through an advanced intelligence engine to provide you with rich information from which action can be quickly taken.

Attackers take common steps to attack, infect and pivot within your environment. The vulnerabilities, exploits and malicious payloads that they use are changed constantly. Traditional solutions focus on trying to detect these things that have been observed before. Achieve Security takes a different approach.

Achieve Security focuses on tracking all types of process execution activity and all the methods that can be used to lay down permanent control of a system. By having a deep understanding of how your unique system operates, it can identify and correlate activities to an unprecedented level.

Here are just some of the situations that can be detected which most solutions fail to identify:

  • Use of unexpected digital certificates and files using modified digital certificates
  • WMI-based malware storage and execution
  • Malicious use of PowerShell
  • DLL injection attacks
  • Use of rare or unusual commands
  • New program and DLL executions
  • Installations of new programs which contain malicious or unwanted software
  • Modification of system boot sector code on hard disks used by bootkits
  • Hundreds of methods of persistence through registry modifications
  • And many, many more

System Requirements

Achieve Security is currently available for the home and small business market. Our Enterprise solution is under active development.

  • Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 10, 2008 R2 and 2012
  • Memory: Approximately 200 MB
  • Disk: Approximately 500 MB
  • CPU: Under 2% CPU on average


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