Your real-time knowing-what-the-heck-your-computer-is-doing solution.


For when your endpoint detection fails.

When endpoint detection products fail, and systems are compromised, companies turn to expensive third-party incident response professionals. Tried and true computer forensics methodologies, techniques and tools are used by these skilled professionals to investigate and determine the root causes of an attack and gain insight into the malicious payloads that have been executed and the methods of persistence that have been used to maintain illicit access.

A new hybrid solution.

Achieve Security provides a first-of-its-kind hybrid solution by combining the concepts of endpoint detection with advanced forensics analysis and change detection techniques. Applied on a continuous real-time basis, its analysis and intelligent reporting will provide advanced situational awareness and alerting within your environment, giving you the actionable information you need to detect and eradicate advanced and never-before-seen threats. You no longer need to hang your hopes upon another company getting compromised first in order for your old endpoint detection product to be effective.

Achieve Security. It's not your average endpoint detection tool. It's a real-time knowing-what-the-heck-your-computer-is-doing solution.


Identifies and interrogates process executions and all their dynamically linked libraries on a continous real-time basis, maintaining a history of associations and digital certificate usage to identify malicious use and tampering. Detects suspicious and malicious use of built-in Windows utilities used by file-less malware.


Tracks hundreds of methods of persistence used by malware to maintain illicit access, from simple methods such as autorun registry keys to more advanced methods like WMI providers and subscribers and master/volume boot record overwrites.


Provides powerful interactive visualizations of suspicious events on a time-scale basis, featuring drill downs by event severity and category, execution hierarchies, and deep event details in order to quickly provide actionable information. Notifications provide alerting on a near real-time basis.


Analysis intelligence is baked-in and backed with the Achieve Security cloud platform. Virus Total integration is included to provide alerting for the low-hanging fruit.

Wide Support

All current Windows operating systems are supported, as far back as Windows 7, in 64-bit mode. Windows 7 systems must be fully patched for proper support.

Low Impact

With an average CPU utilization of less than 1% and a memory footprint under 200MB, it won't bog down your system.

Complimentary Assistance

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